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Collaborative rooms

Allow people to create rooms together with a collective set of items

Tezos support

Support for Tezos NFTs

Verified Artist/Collection/DAO rooms

Give verified rooms with enhanced functionality


Allow users to buy and sell directly on Shil.me

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In Progress

OpenSea marketplace integration

Buy and sell NFTs directly on Shil.me

Shil.me Genesis Collection

Our Genesis NFT Collection

6 items


Solana support

Support for Solana NFTs

Shil.me Curate

Being able to curate and claim rooms for any wallet

Shil.me redesign

A revamp of the Shil.me UI

Shil.me Roadmap

A website for showing the suggested and worked on features. Ooh, very meta!!

Shil.me Feed

A feed for showing changes in users' rooms

Show on-chain wallet activity on Shil.me Feed

Show users' on-chain activity on their feed